LEGVASS 60 capsules

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LEGVASS 60 capsules


  • Legvass® Capsules are a food supplement that helps to improve the blood circulation and other circulatory disorders caused by fluid retention (cellulite, dark circles, etc.). It also reduces the feeling of heavy, tired legs.
  • All skin types.

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Legvass® Capsules contain horse chestnut and Centella asiatica, among other ingredients that decrease the sensation of tired legs, heaviness and fluid retention. Reduces tingling in the legs and swelling, in addition to improving the microcirculation and eliminating redness.


Take one capsule a day in the morning, with breakfast.

Main active ingredients

• Aesculus hipocastanum L. Venotonic, vasoprotective and anti-oedematous.
• Centella asiatica L. Venotonic and healing with an anti-ulcer effect.
• Ruscus aculeatus L. Anti-inflammatory and venotonic.
• Vaccinium myrtillus L. Improves microcirculation.
• Menthol. Increases blood flow. It is also antibacterial, anaesthetic and refreshing.